A brand design is the process of both determining your brands patterns and images as well as setting rules for how they can and can not be used

A brand is what the world thinks of you. Often when they do they will associate those thoughts with images. A brand design is a way to influence those picture images.

For example, if you choose a conservative brand identity design then chances are good that the public presumes you are old/wise/experienced and follow the rules. If you choose a bright and colourful brand identity design then they presume you are young/modern/vibrant and not as focussed on the rules.

As the public goes through the various stages involved with becoming a customer they will get to know you for themselves.  The more you interact the more you build a reputation. They will add more images. Staff, premises, transportation, signage for example.

Think of Amazon. What picture comes to your mind first. is it a picture of Jeff Bezos face or is it the Amazon Logo?

In fairness it should have been Jeff’s face, but chances are good it was actually the logo. Subconsciously we remember much more like the colours, black, yellow and orange. The fact they they use local delivery services, packages are well wrapped. Not to mention the goods we bought. The convenience. The money we saved.

All of this is summarized in our minds as a logo. But think about it and you’ll see that Amazon has a brand that extends well beyond a name and a smile. Do what Jeff did. Build something great. But make it easier for the world to remember you with a well laid out brand identity design.